Dedicated Air Ambulance Supports Public Health With Medevac And Medical Repatriation.

In partnership with the Government of Alberta, Northern Air operates two King Air 200 aircraft outfitted with medical technology and equipment. Our aircraft are on standby around the clock in Peace River, ready to be airborne within 30 minutes. Our highly trained flight crews meet stringent Alberta Government experience requirements to provide safe and responsive air ambulance service. Northern Air provides around 1,400 government medical transfers per year.

Our Private Air Ambulance Combines Experience With Excellence.

We offer chartered patient transportation. Equipped with medical technology and emergency gear, our fleet of King Air B200 and Beech 1900D aircraft provides comfortable, pressurized cabins for transporting patients with a variety of medical needs. By working with private Medic companies and Government Health Service departments we are able to provide air ambulances staffed by appropriate medical teams. Our extensive air ambulance experience includes providing medevac for neonatal and prenatal patients, bariatric patients, mass casualty incidences, as well as medical and insurance repatriations.

Our Aircraft Allow For Non-Stop Transport To The Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Our King Air B200 aircraft is equipped with extended range fuel tanks, allowing for long-haul flights without fuel stops. For patient comfort, efficiency is key. Our standby fleet allows for us to respond within 30 minutes of a call.

Cabin Configurations Are Customizable To Your Needs.

Pressurized cabins stabilize the atmosphere inside the aircraft and allow for higher altitude flying, which is smoother and quicker. Our King Air B200 and Beech 1900D aircraft couple the comfort of pressurized cabins with the customizability to support varied configurations specific to the patient’s needs. Our expert aviation professionals advise you on the right solution for your transport arrangement, including the ideal configurations for stretchers to the amount of space required for ambulatory support.

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