We Are Proud To Be Peace River’s Air Carrier.

The only air carrier in Peace River to offer scheduled flights, Northern Air has proudly served customers throughout North America since 1984. We are dedicated to convenience, on-time flights, excellence in customer service, and adding value to our customers’ flight experiences. From our local community out across North America, we work toward our vision by living our mission in conjunction with our values.

Vision: Be a leading provider of aircraft-based logistical solutions

Mission: To be passionate about serving others while pursuing excellence

Values & Guiding Principles:

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Constant Innovation
  • High-quality, high-value, on-time results
  • Treat others as you would be treated
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Proactive urgency
  • Enthusiasm
  • Unity

Scheduled Flights And Charter Flights Meet The Needs Of Our Diverse Clientele.

Flying fixed routes allows us to provide dedicated commuter flights between:

Our charter flights span North America, supporting the oil and gas industry, provincial and federal governments, private groups, sports teams, and hunting and fishing groups. We provide cargo transport on both scheduled flights and cargo charter flights.

Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Services In Peace River.

We are pleased to offer FBO services at Peace River. Our services include fuel, major mechanical, de-icing, and oxygen.

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