Northern Air Provides Comfortable Bariatric Air Ambulance Services.

Our air ambulance aircraft have the capacity to safely transport bariatric patients. Our 53” wide doors afford safe and comfortable transport for bariatric patients. Northern Air offers private bariatric repatriation solutions as aviation partners with insurance companies.

Our Bariatric Specialized Loading Ramp Minimizes Jostling And Fatigue.

Our bariatric transport system includes a hydraulic lift for safety and smooth transition into and out of the aircraft. No physical lifting is required for crew, which means less jostling for the patient. The hydraulic lift increases safety and comfort for the patient and attendants. We work with medic companies to supply inflight medical personnel and equipment. Northern Air prioritizes safety and comfort for our bariatric air ambulance transports.

Extended Range Fuel Tanks Allow For Uninterrupted Flights To Distant Locations.

Our fleet of King Air B200 aircraft is equipped with extended range fuel tanks. The ability to fly nonstop for up to 1700 miles without refueling allows for a shorter transit time, a great benefit to patients and a relief to family and caregivers. Our efforts to streamline the bariatric medevac and medical repatriation process align with our values of excellent customer service, professionalism, and convenience.

Our Medevac Experience And Specialized Aircraft Means Smoother Transport.

Northern Air has been operating medevac and medical repatriation flights since 1984. We operate air ambulance aircraft with pressurized cabins for a smoother, quieter, and faster ride. Pressurization allows the aircraft to fly above 10,000 feet, where the weather is calmer providing for a smoother flight. Some bariatric medevac aircraft offer stand up cabins allowing for a more desirable working environment for medics. We provide varied configurations for unique situations.

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