Northern Air Operates Our Fleet Of Aircraft Ideal For Commuter Flights And Charters.

Our fleet of King Air B200 aircrafts can comfortably fly anywhere in North America. Extended fuel tanks allow for flights of up to 1700 miles without a fuel stop. Our King Air B200 aircrafts are well suited for passenger and executive charters, as well as cargo and hotshot flights.

Our King Air B200 Aircrafts Offer Reliability And Power For Fast And Efficient Travel.

The King Air B200 seats up to nine passengers in pressurized and air-conditioned comfort. The twin-engine turboprop supplies power and reliability to this aircraft, making it ideal for passenger and executive charters. Configurations include nine-passenger commuter seating, seven-passenger executive seating with club configurations and a lavatory, bariatric air ambulance, and cargo.

King Air B200 Pairs Versatility With Capability.

The King Air B200 can fly more payload over a longer distance for less money than any other aircraft in its class. For flights to remote locations, the King Air B200 has the ability to land on short fields, delivering passengers and cargo to hard-to-reach regions. A 300mph cruise speed delivers fast and efficient travel.

King Air B200 Specifications

Cruise Speed: 300 mph (480 km/h)
Ceiling: 31,000 ft
Runway Required: 3000 ft
Passengers: 9
Weight: 12,500 lbs

  • 9 Passenger Commuter
  • 7 Passenger Executive
  • Cargo

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